new teams update

As you may know, the new Microsoft Teams desktop app has been available to upgrade on your devices in the recent weeks. We have some important new updates regarding the permanent switch to the New Microsoft Teams that you will want to know.

Opt-In Until March 19, 2024

The new Teams desktop app is currently available for you to switch on at your convenience. You will find the opt-in switch at the top left corner of the Teams app. All users, including students and staff will be switched to the New Teams app on March 19, 2024. This will give us the …

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Microsoft Forms is our go-to app in FUSD for creating online surveys, quizzes, and polls in minutes. Whether you want to collect feedback, measure satisfaction, test knowledge, or gather data, Microsoft Forms is “numero uno”.

I write this blog to share six new innovations that I’m sure you will appreciate. These new features include integration into Microsoft Stream, Practice Mode, Present Live, and more. Teachers will love the ability to insert a Form throughout a Stream video to check for understanding or collect feedback. They will also appreciate Practice Mode, where you can allow students to take a practice test that …

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Loop components are powered by the Microsoft Loop app, which is the next-generation co-creation experience that helps you think, plan, and create together with your teammates. Whether you need a table, a task list, meeting notes, or something else, Loop components let you collaborate with your team in real time, right where you are.

You can use Loop components in Teams chats, Teams Meetings, Whiteboards, and Outlook. For example, you can start a Loop component in a chat or Team channel, and everyone in the conversation can edit it inline and see the changes as they happen. You can also embed …

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whats new

Are you a fan of Reading Coach, the Reflect app, Loop tools, Forms, or generative AI? Well, you are going to want to watch the February edition of What’s New in Microsoft EDU. In this episode, Microsoft EDU experts share some exciting new features, some of which are available now, while others are to be released very soon.

We are very excited about the improvement to the stand-alone Reading Coach program, which now allows students to generate their own stories and track their reading progress over time. Additionally, we loved hearing about the Reflect app and how it now includes …

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new teams

We are excited to announce the rollout of the new Microsoft Teams desktop app, packed with enhanced features and improved performance to elevate your experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind during this transition:

Opt-In Availability

 The new Teams desktop app is now available for you to switch on at your convenience. You will find the opt-in switch at the top left corner of the Teams app.

Flexibility until March 31, 2024

You have the flexibility to switch back to the classic Teams version if necessary, until March 31, 2024, when the new Teams will officially go live. You will see …

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