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The Personalized Learning Initiative (PLi) initially began with the recognition that system-wide access to and engagement in the intentional use of technology within instruction and student task were inconsistent across Fresno Unified School District.  This seemingly tech-centric challenge led to a foundationally instructional approach built upon engaging student and teacher strengths and from intra-district teacher collaborations to design and implement blended instructional models that highly engage students and impact the classroom experience

The PLI goals are to build rich learning experiences from students’ tremendous strengths and assets and engage equitable education with every student through personalized and blended learning both in and beyond the classroom. The initiative advances student-centered learning focused on #AsYetImagined futures with competencies, content mastery and agency. If the shift to digital changes student readiness, then so should our models for student preparation. PLi pedagogy is about high-quality instruction with the intentional use of technology, structures to engage rich tasks and collaboration while honoring and activating student voice.  

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