The following additional resources will provide you with concrete examples of personalized learning instruction and support for learning various digital tools. 

PLi Classroom Videos 

These videos highlight actual classroom footage of techno-pedagogy, blended learning models and other aspects of personalized learning. You will find examples from various grade levels and at various school sites. The videos can be accessed on Microsoft Stream at the link below and will require a district login. 

Due to student privacy policies, the above videos are only accessible to users with district accounts.

Getting Started with Personalized Learning

Taking the time to implement these tactics and establish rules and routines during the first quarter of school will allow students to become the center of their learning experiences. This document was created by the FUSD PLi team and our partners at Education Elements in 2018 to bring you a matrix of tactics, and resources for each. These ideas can be tailored to fit the needs of the learners at your school. 

Technology Tutorials 

Learn the most commonly used digital tools to support personalized learning. Additionally, you can view this matrix to see the common tools and use cases for each. 

Microsoft Class Teams 
  Your main hub for conducting learning in a digital space. 

Class Teams Teams Assignments Class Notebook Digital Feedback 

Microsoft Forms 
  The perfect tool for collecting feedback or assessing students. 

Forms Survey Forms Quiz  

  Boost student voice and engagement with this video-based reflection tool. 

Immersive Reader 
  Reach all students with this inclusive tool that provides translation and playback features. 

  Engage your students during whole group instruction with this interactive presentation tool. 

Microsoft Stream and Screen Recording 
  Create instructional videos and host them on the district Stream video platform. 

Microsoft Stream Screen Recording  

Video Tutorials on Fresno EdTech

Find more great tutorials on the district EdTech YouTube channel


The Distance Learning Webinar Series 

Although these webinars were conducted in the context of distance learning, the strategies and demonstrations can still apply to personalized learning in a face-to-face setting. 
Distance Learning Webinar Series 

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