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Discover and learn how to use digital tools for instruction and learning. You can sort the list and/or filter it by category and license type. In addition, you can perform a quick search. To reset the list, click the ‘X’ located next to the search field. For a quick glance at these tools and their use cases, check out our Digital Tools Matrix.

Digital ToolDescriptionCategoryLicense Type
TeamsCreate and manage digital assignments for your students. Teachers and students can also collaborate in documents and engage in meaningful conversations that get captured within the digital Team space. Learn HowCollaborationDistrict License
promethean panelThe Promethean flat panel touch screen is an addition to the classroom that enhances instruction through interaction, mobility, screen-sharing, drawing tools, and more. Learn more.OtherDistrict License
flipFlip can be used to collect short video recordings from your audience to share and collaborate in a video-based discussion forum. This can be used in classrooms as a way to check for understanding, share presentations, use as an exit ticket, and more. Learn HowCommunicationDistrict License
nearpodNearpod is a presentation tool that infuses interactivity to create active learners instead of passive learners. Teachers can upload existing PowerPoints and make them interactive.  Learn HowPresentationsDistrict License
formsCreate your own custom surveys and quizzes online to collect feedback and assess students. Forms is integrated into Class Teams and allows you to collect data immediately to inform next steps and give students instant feedback. Learn HowAssessmentDistrict License
iReadyiReady is an assessment tool that can be used for diagnostic measurement and can also be used to target instruction through assigned lessons. Learn HowAssessmentDistrict License
wondersOnline digital curriculum content for grades K-6 teachers and students. Assign tasks and collect real-time data. Students can access from school and home. Learn HowContent LibraryDistrict License
springboardOnline digital curriculum content for grades 7-12 English teachers and students. Assign tasks and collect real-time data. Students can access from school and home. Learn HowContent LibraryDistrict License
math K-6Access GoMath online resources to assign work and collect real-time student data. Students can access at school and at home. Learn HowContent LibraryDistrict License
Math 7-8Online digital curriculum content for teachers and students in grades 7-8. Access curriculum and assign activities and assessments to students. Learn HowContent LibraryDistrict License
big ideasAccess digital resources for assessment and engagement in high school classrooms. Content can be accessed at school or home. Learn HowContent LibraryDistrict License
HSSOnline curriculum content for secondary teachers and students. Access the curriculum online and assign activities to students. Impact can be accessed from school and home. Learn HowContent LibraryDistrict License
atlasATLAS is our student information system that is used to take attendance, record grades, connect with families, and more. Learn HowOtherDistrict License
immersive readerImmersive Reader is a tool that supports reading through translation, playback and more. Other Microsoft Learning Tools include Dictation, Math tools and more.  Learn HowCommunicationDistrict License
CleverThe Clever app provides our teacher and students with a single sign-on (SSO) to our various learning applications adopted by our school district. In addition, some of the applications use automated rostering so that students are connected to the correct classroom within the app. Learn HowOtherDistrict License
class-notebookProvides an organized online platform to share content and collaborate with students. Post Assignments and let your students work right inside your Class Notebook. Learn HowCollaborationDistrict License
minecraft eduMinecraft Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, communication and problem-solving in an immersive, 3D environment. Teachers can access lessons at all grade levels and content areas to create meaningful experiences for students.​ Learn HowCollaborationDistrict License
swayUse this Office 365 tool to create online dynamic presentations. Great for presentations with lots of multimedia. Great for student projects. Create newsletters, photo galleries, and more. Learn HowPresentationsDistrict License
video productionCheck out these great video editing tools for conducting quick, simple edits to your videos and images. Great for student projects. Learn HowVideoFree or Freemium
screen recordingScreen Recording is a term used to describe the act of rec​ording your computer screen and voice narration to create a video. This is great for recording instruction, turning presentations into videos or creating computer-based tutorials. Learn HowVideoDistrict License
padletThis online collaboration board can be used to collect audience feedback and share ideas. Share text, images, links, and videos. Learn HowCollaborationFree or Freemium
class dojoEngage families with this classroom management and parent communication tool. Class Dojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities. Learn HowCommunicationFree or Freemium
remindWith Remind you can create a free text-alert account and have your parents/students sign up to recieve your text alerts. It's free to use and number of subscribers is unlimited. Learn HowCommunicationFree or Freemium
microsoft 365Microsoft 365 is your digital life in the "cloud". Store and edit files online and collaborate with others. Access your files from any device at anytime from anywhere. Learn HowCollaborationDistrict License
One DriveOnedrive can be used by students and staff to store documents and share/edit them with colleagues. Learn HowCollaborationDistrict License
wordWord processing application to type essays or create flyers. This tool can be accessed right from your OneDrive. Learn HowWord ProcessingDistrict License
excelLearn and teach spreadsheet skills with this tried and true product from Microsoft. Now available online in your OneDrive. Learn HowSpreadsheetsDistrict License
powerpointPresent your content and let students create great presentations with this tried and true tool from Microsoft. Now available in your OneDrive. Learn HowPresentationsDistrict License
outlook emailMicrosoft Outlook is our application for accessing Fresno Unified School District email. Learn HowCommunicationDistrict License
Microsoft StreamMicrosoft Stream provides a platform to upload and share videos to users in the district or share to specific users privately. Stream also has a screen-recording tool. Learn HowVideoDistrict License
ReflectMicrosoft Reflect is another educational tool built into Class Teams that can be used for social-emotional and academic reflections with your students. Learn more.OtherDistrict License
Reading ProgressReading Progress is a feature that is integrated into Class Teams assignments and provides an opportunity for students to practice and refine their reading fluency. Learn more.AssessmentDistrict License
Microsoft Whiteboard is part of the Office 365 Suite and can be used as a blank canvas to draw, type and add other content for independent tasks or collaboration. Learn HowOtherDistrict License
khan academyKhan Academy is free resource for students, parents and teachers. It can be used for lesson-aligned practice, topic review, homework and self-paced practice. Content includes Math, ELA, Science and more.Content LibraryDistrict License
canvaCanva is a web-based app that can be used by staff and students to create graphic designs, presentations, websites, video projects, and more. It’s your one-stop-shop for multimedia design. Learn MoreMultimediaDistrict License
public websitesAll teachers and students have the ability to design and publish their own websites using district web servers. These websites will be public-facing and thus can be accessed by parents and the community. Learn HowWebsitesDistrict License
poll everywhereConduct instant polls for formative assessment. Students can reply on any device, even by texting their response. Learn HowAssessmentFree or Freemium
powtoonThis online tool can be used to create animated videos with ease. Perfect for teacher presentations and learning videos or for students to demonstrate their learning. Learn HowMultimediaFree or Freemium
preziA great web-based presentation tool that provides a more engaging and dynamic style. This free tool is appropriate for teachers and students. Learn HowPresentationsFree or Freemium
typing clubLearn to type without looking at the keys and improve your speed with this free online keyboarding tool. Learn HowKeyboardingFree or Freemium
senselangGet your students on this free online typing courses to learn, practice, and improve their typing speed and accuracy. Learn HowKeyboardingFree or Freemium
snipsketchEasily capture screenshots of anything on your computer with this tool that is already installed on your Windows computer. Great for capturing images to use in projects or for developing course content. Learn HowMultimediaDistrict License
storyboardthatThis storyboard creator uses a familiar drag and drop interface that users of all ages pick up in seconds. Create comic-style storyboards to plan a project or demonstrate learning. Learn HowMultimediaFree or Freemium
socrativeConduct formative assessments with this easy to use online tool. Create a variety of question types and students can respond on any device. Learn HowAssessmentFree or Freemium
infogramFree online chart and infographic builder. Choose a template for your main infographic and customize it with your charts, diagrams, images, and text. Great for student projects that require data visualization. Learn HowMultimediaFree or Freemium
thinglinkCreate interactive images that include links to video, websites, music, and other content. Great for designing course content or for student projects. Learn HowMultimediaFree or Freemium
utell storyGet your classroom into digital storytelling with this free online tool. Have students upload pictures they took of their work or images for other projects and record a narration. Learn HowVideoFree or Freemium
kahootUse Kahoot to introduce new topics, conduct surveys, facilitate discussion, conduct formative assessments, review material, or perk up staff meetings. Make learning and communication fun! Learn HowAssessmentFree or Freemium
Sora is the digital reading app for students. Whether you’re reading for class or for fun, Sora’s eBook reader makes it easy. Borrow eBooks from the school library and customize text fonts to your liking for the best reading and read-along experience. Learn HowOtherDistrict License
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