The term Blended Learning refers to the practice of blending both face-to-face and online instruction. Within our PLi structure, we aim to blend the use of analog (paper, pencil) and digital tools. While there are a variety of blended learning models developed in this area, we have found that the two most suitable models for our system include the Rotation and Flex models. The video below provides a detailed look at these two models.

Due to student privacy policies, the above video is only accessible to users with district accounts.

Blended Learning Best Practices

The graphic to the left provides a guide to help teachers integrate blended learning into their instruction. It calls out the guiding frameworks and integrated digital tools provided by our district. In addition, it highlights the critical elements for success and the flexible considerations.

The graphic to the right provides a quick summary of blended learning and the Station Rotation and Flex models. It also calls out the best practices for successful implementation. A great addition to your PLi handbook.

Design Your Own Blended Learning Model

Use these slide decks below to design your own blended learning models:

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