Techno-pedagogy underlies a reflection or opportune relation between pedagogy and technology. The term refers to (teaching) practices that consider: 

  • both pedagogical (teaching and learning methods, motivation, the development of students’ skills), and 
  • technological aspects (using computers, the Internet, interactive whiteboards, etc.). 

Within this perspective, the technological resources targeted and used by teachers are very helpful in supporting active teaching methods. Technological Resources are used for learning purposes. Technology, therefore, is considered to support active teaching methods, and not as an end in itself. 

The common goal of those innovations is to improve the quality of the students’ learning.

Study and Development Center for Techno-pedagogical Innovations:
Techno-pedagogy | Interdisciplinary Research Group in Languages & Technologies | University of Ottawa ( 

Techno-Pedagogy in Action

Explore our video library featuring PLi teachers and students in the natural classroom setting. You will see techno-pedagogy and and personalized learning instructional practices in action. Teachers and students are all within the Fresno Unified School District.

Due to student privacy policies, the above videos are only available to users with district accounts.

Techno-Pedagogy Impact

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