Published on March 1, 2024 by Brian Dvorak

Microsoft Forms is our go-to app in FUSD for creating online surveys, quizzes, and polls in minutes. Whether you want to collect feedback, measure satisfaction, test knowledge, or gather data, Microsoft Forms is “numero uno”.

I write this blog to share six new innovations that I’m sure you will appreciate. These new features include integration into Microsoft Stream, Practice Mode, Present Live, and more. Teachers will love the ability to insert a Form throughout a Stream video to check for understanding or collect feedback. They will also appreciate Practice Mode, where you can allow students to take a practice test that shows them the correct answer right after they submit their choice. And everyone will love the Present Live improvements, where you can show your audience the summary results as they come in live, and it even displays a QR code so your audience can easily access your form. One of the EdTech Team’s favorite new features is Forms Live Sync to Excel, where your spreadsheet of responses can now live online, instead of having to download the spreadsheet every time you want to access or analyze them in Excel. The other new features include a desktop app for Windows 11 and the ability to import Google Forms to Microsoft Forms.

Want to see how these new features work? I thought you might, so I found another fantastic video from Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen. Enjoy!

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