Published on February 23, 2024 by Brian Dvorak

Loop components are powered by the Microsoft Loop app, which is the next-generation co-creation experience that helps you think, plan, and create together with your teammates. Whether you need a table, a task list, meeting notes, or something else, Loop components let you collaborate with your team in real time, right where you are.

You can use Loop components in Teams chats, Teams Meetings, Whiteboards, and Outlook. For example, you can start a Loop component in a chat or Team channel, and everyone in the conversation can edit it inline and see the changes as they happen. You can also embed Loop components in a Whiteboard to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, or organize information. Loop can be used with students and colleagues or a mix of both.

All of your Loop components can be accessed in the main Loop app with Microsoft 365, where you can access, manage, and search for them like any other Office document. You can also open a Loop in a full tab on Office.com, where you can add more Loop components and work with a larger visual space.

Loop also offers Copilot, a feature that provides intelligent suggestions, page templates, and relevant files and documents for your new workspace. To see how to get started with Loop components, check out the video below.

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