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You are probably familiar with the Microsoft Bookings app where you can create a booking calendar for your audience to book time with you. This has been a great tool for parent/teacher conferences and other scheduling events.

Now, Microsoft has announced integration of the Bookings app into Outlook. It’s called “Outlook Bookings” and it allows you to create a public Bookings page to let anyone book time on your calendar for specific appointments. This might include consulting hours, office hours, tutoring, 1:1 meetings, and many more scenarios. You will see “Edit Booking Page” when viewing your Outlook calendar on the …

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2023 is kicking off with a serious bang! We now have a bunch of new features added to Microsoft Forms, the go-to app for surveys and quizzes. These new features include updated sharing options, improved themes, background music, improved templates, meeting integration, and my favorite – images in multiple choice questions!

Microsoft Forms continues to be a solid productivity app for surveying your audience and assessing students. We especially love the data reports and insights that make forms so helpful. Want to know how to use these new Microsoft Forms features for Q1 2023? I thought you would ask. Below, you …

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edge browser

Ever use a web browser? Uh, yeah, like every day! Microsoft Edge has become the go to browser for our daily web browsing needs and the good folks at Microsoft have been adding features like mad. Well, guess what, there are a few more new ones to share.

These new features include Sidebar updates, website Collection updates, Instant Answers in the address bar, URL security, and my favorite, the new Follow Creator tool. Wondering how these features work? I thought you might ask that. So, I found yet another great video tutorial created by Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen. Watch the …

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onenote image

Microsoft OneNote is a great app for digital note-taking, but as you know it can do so much more. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it does even more now. Some of the highlights of the new features include new Dictation updates, new Digital Ink features, Live Captions, and my favorite – Reflect integration for Class Notebook. That’s right, you can now post student self-reflection questions related to what they are learning.

Want to learn more about these new developments and how to use them? Well, you are in luck. We found another great tutorial created by Microsoft’s own Mike …

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It’s that time of year again! Parent/Teacher conferences – a time to review student progress with your families. This is a great opportunity, but it can be a struggle scheduling every meeting in a timely manner without conflicts. That’s where the Bookings app comes to the rescue. With the Office 365 Bookings app, teachers can setup an online scheduling calendar for families to book time with you, while avoiding conflicting events on your Outlook calendar. Try it out this year! It costs you and your families nothing and is easy to setup.

Our very own EdTech Evangelist created a nice …

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