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Microsoft Class Teams provides teachers with an amazing digital hub for student activities and engagement. The good folks at Microsoft have been working over the summer to provide even more new features in Class Teams, and they are available now for all Fresno Unified School District teachers.

These new features include Classwork, Quick Actions for educators, Reflect updates, Learning Accelerator button in Assignments, and more. Our favorite enhancements include Classwork and the Reflect updates. Check out the great tutorial below created by Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen.

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assignment notifications

More new features in Teams Assignments! Wow, the hits just keep on coming. Here is a quick summary of these new features:

Turn in an assignment on behalf of a studentNotifications for late assignmentsMinimize speed grader to maximize student work viewAssignment notification controlsMobile app video recording for studentsMobile app rubric creatorCreate a challenge assignment in Reading Progressand more

Wondering how to use these? Microsoft’s very own Mike Tholfsen has created a quick video tutorial on how to use all of these new features. Take a look…

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reading updates

Reading Progress is an incredible new part of Microsoft Teams Assignments and can be used to support reading fluency for early learners, English learners and any student who wishes to practice their speaking skills. We are excited to share some new features of this fluency tool, now available to all teachers. These new features include a library of passages to use in your assignment and the ability to return the full results of the reading analysis to your students. Our very own EdTech Evangelist took some time to create a quick tutorial of these new features and even demonstrates how …

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assignment features

The Class Teams Assignment builder just got an upgrade. What’s new you ask? You can now use video recording and whiteboard as platforms for students to submit work. And, you can now have the assignments post to your students’ calendars. The video recording aspect runs on the Stream platform and can be used by the students to record themselves explaining their work or responding to a prompt. In addition, the teacher can use it to record themselves explaining the task or new concepts for the students.

The whiteboard feature utilizes Microsoft Whiteboard, which we have seen as a stand-alone app …

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group assignments

Late news breaking – This just in! Check out the 8 new features for Assignments in Microsoft Teams. The new features in Microsoft Teams for education are a direct result of feature requests sent in by teachers across the world. Some highlights of these new features include Group Assignments, where teachers can organize an assignment as group work, manually or randomly create groups, and grade the assignment as a group or individually. Another great addition is the Return for Revision feature where a teacher can return a submitted assignment so the student can make further changes before receiving a final …

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