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Published on December 10, 2021 by Brian Dvorak

The Class Teams Assignment builder just got an upgrade. What’s new you ask? You can now use video recording and whiteboard as platforms for students to submit work. And, you can now have the assignments post to your students’ calendars. The video recording aspect runs on the Stream platform and can be used by the students to record themselves explaining their work or responding to a prompt. In addition, the teacher can use it to record themselves explaining the task or new concepts for the students.

The whiteboard feature utilizes Microsoft Whiteboard, which we have seen as a stand-alone app and as a collaborative Teams Meeting tool. Now, students can create and submit a whiteboard to demonstrate their learning. Both the video recorder and the whiteboard option can be found under the ‘+New’ menu within any Class Team assignment.

Finally, the ability to post assignments to student calendars is a long-awaited addition. By choosing this option, the details of the assignment are added to each students’ calendar on the date the assignment is due. This helps students stay organized and helps build ownership, an important component of life skills and future-readiness.

These new Microsoft Class Teams features are now available for use. Once again, our very own EdTech Evangelist has created a quick video that demonstrates these new features. Watch the video below now…

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