More great updates to Microsoft Class Teams – Yeah! These new updates include a new Insights layout, Reading Progress phonics assignments, and a ton of updates to the Reflect app, including check-in ideas, simplified emotions, read aloud, breathing exercises, and more.

Want to learn more and see how they work? You’re in luck. Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen has made a great video for us to learn from. Check it out below…

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The Reflect app is a feature that is now built into Microsoft Class Teams. Reflect is a digital tool that provides opportunities to check-in with students on a personal, academic or social/emotional level. As an owner of a Class Team, teachers’ have the ability to create a Reflect activity in the Posts area of any Team Channel. Students can then respond to the activity through emojis and vocabulary words that help define their emotions. Teachers can then instantly view the responses in a summary format to get a quick glance of the class overall or drill into each student’s individual …

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