mobirise logoUse this page to get started with managing and updating district websites. Whether you are managing a teacher website, a school website or a department website, this is your one-stop-shop to get the help you need. Follow the appropriate link below to get started:

  • Mobirise Sites: Used by staff and students to create safe, secure, public-facing websites
  • SharePoint Sites: Used for our internal websites for internal collaboration and sharing
  • WordPress Sites: Used for public-facing department and school websites

Mobirise Websites

All staff and students have the ability to design and publish their own websites using Mobirise and district web servers. The resources below will help you get started with designing your website and getting it published to the Internet. These websites will be public-facing and thus can be accessed by parents and the community.

Mobirise uses a point and click, drag and drop interface that makes it easy for anyone to design a website. No coding skills are necessary and the Mobirise templates are elegant, modern and include responsive design. Use the following tutorials below to get started.

Mobirise Blocks
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