Published on April 27, 2022 by Brian Dvorak

Let’s face it – we live in a world where we are vulnerable to cyber hackers. To that end, we wanted to remind everyone about the potential risks and how to keep your confidential information from being compromised.


Phishing is an ongoing cybersecurity issue for school districts everywhere. A phishing attach can come in the form of an email that looks like it was sent by a colleague or our IT department. The email then includes links to malware or online forms asking for confidential information.

In an effort to help us identify these malicious emails, our IT team has recently updated the email banner at the top of all emails that come from outside the district.

Please pay close attention to the banner. It may be a scam if the email appears to be from a district employee but has the banner. If an email seems odd or suspicious, don’t respond or click. Please report it by forwarding the email to

If someone asks for sensitive information such as SSN by email or a link to a website/form – report it to

When there is a reason to believe that an account is compromised, the password will be reset out of an abundance of caution and prevent a persistent attack.

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You can find a wealth of information and phishing examples on our website. Visit frequently for cybersecurity updates and new features coming soon!

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