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The Promethean flat panel touch screen is an addition to the classroom that enhances instruction through interaction, mobility, simultaneous screen-sharing, drawing tools, and more. The Promethean mobile cart allows you to position the screen anywhere, depending on the task and can be easily raised and lowered to make it accessible to all students.

There are currently two Promethean Panel versions in the district – Versions 7 and 9. Teachers in grades Pre-School through 8th grade will have version 7 and teachers in high school classrooms will have version 9. Click into the appropriate destination below to access tutorials and resources specific to your model.

Promethean 7 (PreS – 8th)

Promethean 9 (High School)

    Request Onsite Training and Support

    There are four Promethean Education Consultants who are supporting Fresno Unified schools. They each support one quadrant of the district and can be contacted for onsite training and support.

    Contact a Promethean Trainer below by email or book time through their Bookings calendars:

    Jasmine Lowe (Q1) v-jasmine.lowe@fresnounified.org | Book Time

    Elementary SitesSecondary Sites
    Forkner, Figarden, Lawless, Slater, Wilson, Roeding, Baird 5-8, Bullard Talent, Wawona, Williams, Del Mar, Powers Ginsburg, Kratt, Gibson, Starr, Malloch, Cooper, PhoenixTenaya, Wawona, Baird, Bullard, Talent, Fort Miller

    Savannah Wetzel (Q2) v-savannah.wetzel@fresnounified.org | Book Time

    Elementary SitesSecondary Sites
    Birney, Pyle, Holland, Robinson, McCardle, Eaton, Wolters, Thomas, Addicott, Scandinavian, Vinland, Viking, Centennial, Wishon, Norseman, Ericson, Ewing, Turner, Manchester GateAhwahnee, Tioga,  Scandinavian,  Yosemite 

    Brooke McCoy (Q3) v-brooke.mccoy@fresnounified.org | Book Time

    Elementary SitesSecondary Sites
    Anthony, Webster, Yokomi, Jefferson, Kirk, King, Lincoln, Lowell, Herrera,  Heaton, Homan, Hamilton, Muir, Fremont, Addams, Columbia, Mayfair, WinchellCooper Academy, Tehipite, Computech,  Hamilton 

    Raul Martin (Q4) v-raul.martin@fresnounified.org | Book Time

    Elementary SitesSecondary Sites
    Bakman, Leavenworth, Hidalgo, Rowell, Jackson, Ayer, Vang Pao, Storey, Sunset, Calwa, Aynesworth, Balderas, Lane, Burroughs, Olmos, Greenberg, EasterbyGaston, Terronez, Kings, Canyon, Sequoia
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