The Promethean flat panel touch screen is an addition to the classroom that enhances instruction through interaction, mobility, simultaneous screen-sharing, drawing tools, and more. The Promethean mobile cart allows you to position the screen anywhere, depending on the task and can be easily raised and lowered to make it accessible to all students.

Below is a list of resources to help you become a master at using the Promethean board and integrate it into teaching and learning.

Getting Started

Share computer screens on the Promethean ActivPanel

ActivPanel Features

Tips from Teachers on How they Use the ActivPanel

Fresno Unified Promethean 300 Training and Support

Training Video

Support Team

Be Sure to Request Access

Design and/or Import Lessons with ActivInspire Software

The ActivInspire desktop application allows teachers to design interactive lesson slide decks, open existing ActivInspire lessons, or import lessons created with other applications.

ActiveInspire Download

ActivInspire Software should be downloaded from the Software Center app on your laptop.

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