As you know, Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool for collaboration and instruction. Teams is now the flagship application within Office 365. What would we do without it? How did we get work done prior to this amazing app?

Well, it’s fun to reflect on how things have changed in our workflow, but that’s not what we are writing about today. Instead, we write this post to share yet more new features of Microsoft Teams for this fall. These new features include scheduling your chat messages, sending video messages in chat, CTRL+F to search chat history, new whiteboard features, and new …

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aggregated reactions

Are you a fan of the Microsoft Whiteboard app? It’s great to use in the classroom for whole group instruction and collaboration and student to student collaboration. You and your work team can also use it to plan and collaborate during meetings or asynchronously. The Whiteboard app has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception just a few years ago. And now we have yet another set of new features to enjoy.

These new features include aggregated reactions on your sticky notes, drag and drop images from the desktop, lock any object on the canvas, zoom control improvement, and …

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assignment features

The Class Teams Assignment builder just got an upgrade. What’s new you ask? You can now use video recording and whiteboard as platforms for students to submit work. And, you can now have the assignments post to your students’ calendars. The video recording aspect runs on the Stream platform and can be used by the students to record themselves explaining their work or responding to a prompt. In addition, the teacher can use it to record themselves explaining the task or new concepts for the students.

The whiteboard feature utilizes Microsoft Whiteboard, which we have seen as a stand-alone app …

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whiteboard background

The browser version of Microsoft Whiteboard just got an upgrade. What’s new you ask? There has been a subtle change to the layout where a new toolbar now appears at the left and provides some additional tools. These additions include new color choices and grids for your digital note pads. This is great for quickly setting the right color and placing several pads on the whiteboard at once. The next new addition is the ability to upload and insert pictures/images from your computer. This is great for adding screenshots taken of other content and enhances your work with more visuals …

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Based on feedback from Whiteboard users, Microsoft has released many great new updates to the mobile/browser app. Some of the most popular updates include:

✅ Manage who can control the Whiteboard➕ Add Text boxes and Shapes🎨 15 new ink colors and 6 thicknesses🌈 New Highlighter tool – 15 colors, 6 thicknesses🌟 10 new Sticky Note colors and textures

Microsoft Whiteboard is really growing fast and we are excited to share these new features with you. The video below provides a quick overview of these new updates and how to access them.

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