Microsoft has now added avatar functionality to Teams Meetings! Am I referring to the movie, Avatar? Well, not quite. Avatars is a new feature where you craft an animated version of yourself to enable during meetings. Avatars have a ton of customization options, emotions, and reactions you can play with. And, you can create multiple Avatars to use, depending on your mood or the situation. Using an avatar can help boost engagement and be useful when you are unable to turn on your camera.

Wondering how to create your first avatar and use it during a Teams Meeting? I thought you …

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As you know, Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool for collaboration and instruction. Teams is now the flagship application within Office 365. What would we do without it? How did we get work done prior to this amazing app?

Well, it’s fun to reflect on how things have changed in our workflow, but that’s not what we are writing about today. Instead, we write this post to share yet more new features of Microsoft Teams for this fall. These new features include scheduling your chat messages, sending video messages in chat, CTRL+F to search chat history, new whiteboard features, and new …

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together mode

As you know, we use Teams Meetings on a regular basis to connect with colleagues and conduct virtual meetings. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are 10 new updates to Teams Meetings, including Collaborative Annotation, Speaker Coach, Together Mode for All, Cameo in PowerPoint Live Meetings, Content Pop-Out, new Polling options, and lots more.

My personal favorite is probably Together Mode for All, which allows me to set Together Mode for everyone in the meeting. As a presenter, I also like Speaker Coach, which helps be improve my online speaking skills. Which new feature will be your favorite? …

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