Microsoft Stream is a video-sharing platform that lets you create, watch, and share videos with your students and colleagues. In addition to housing your Teams Meeting recordings, Stream can be used to create presentations of digital content through screen recording. This is great for creating explainer videos for your audience to watch on-demand. Staff can also upload videos from your device or other sources for the purpose of housing them online and sharing with others.

We are excited to share some of the new, amazing features now available in Microsoft Stream. These include enhanced screen recording tools, improved camera recording …

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screen record snip

Screen Recording is great for making video tutorials and instructional videos for colleagues or students. Microsoft Stream is an app within Office 365 that is similar to YouTube. It provides a platform to upload and share videos to users in the organization or share to specific users privately. It can also be used to create screen recordings and stores Microsoft Teams meeting recordings. This app should only be used to share video within our organization – the videos cannot be shared publicly.

The video below goes into detail on how to create a screen recording with the Microsoft Stream app on …

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