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It’s that time of year again! Parent/Teacher conferences – a time to review student progress with your families. This is a great opportunity, but it can be a struggle scheduling every meeting in a timely manner without conflicts. That’s where the Bookings app comes to the rescue. And now there is a new and improved Bookings app called “Bookings with Me”, where teachers can setup an online scheduling calendar for families to book time and avoid conflicting events on your Outlook calendar. Try it out this year! It costs you and your families nothing and is easy to setup. To …

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bookings with me

You are probably familiar with the Microsoft Bookings app where you can create a booking calendar for your audience to book time with you. This has been a great tool for parent/teacher conferences and other scheduling events.

Now, Microsoft has announced integration of the Bookings app into Outlook. It’s called “Outlook Bookings” and it allows you to create a public Bookings page to let anyone book time on your calendar for specific appointments. This might include consulting hours, office hours, tutoring, 1:1 meetings, and many more scenarios. You will see “Edit Booking Page” when viewing your Outlook calendar on the …

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