Microsoft Edge has recently obtained some really cool new features to help you better research and increase your productivity. This includes new Copilot AI features like summarizing online videos and PDFs. What a time saver! Additional new updates include translating PDFs, a Split Screen tool, a Screenshot tool, and a built in VPN for safe Edge browsing in public places.

Wondering how these new features can be used? I thought you might ask, so I found this fantastic tutorial created by Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen. Check it out below, and happy browsing. 🤓

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Ever use a web browser? Uh, yeah, like every day! Microsoft Edge has become the go to browser for our daily web browsing needs and the good folks at Microsoft have been adding features like mad. Well, guess what, there are a few more new ones to share.

These new features include Sidebar updates, website Collection updates, Instant Answers in the address bar, URL security, and my favorite, the new Follow Creator tool. Wondering how these features work? I thought you might ask that. So, I found yet another great video tutorial created by Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen. Watch the …

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The Microsoft Edge browser, formerly known as Internet Explorer, has received multiple new features that you may not be aware of just yet. Some of the highlights include vertical tabs, web capture, collections, read aloud, and more. Although Google Chrome tends to get the most love, it is time to turn our focus over to Microsoft Edge and discover some new magic. In the video below, our very own EdTech Evangelist outlines these great Edge features and demonstrates how they work. Watch it now below…

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