Microsoft Forms is our go-to app in FUSD for creating online surveys, quizzes, and polls in minutes. Whether you want to collect feedback, measure satisfaction, test knowledge, or gather data, Microsoft Forms is “numero uno”.

I write this blog to share six new innovations that I’m sure you will appreciate. These new features include integration into Microsoft Stream, Practice Mode, Present Live, and more. Teachers will love the ability to insert a Form throughout a Stream video to check for understanding or collect feedback. They will also appreciate Practice Mode, where you can allow students to take a practice test that …

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quiz timer

Do you ever have situations where you need to time your students on a quiz or assessment? Microsoft Forms was recently updated to include a quiz timer feature. That’s right, you can now set a specific time duration for a Forms Quiz. Your students will see the time duration at the top of the screen during the quiz. If they do not complete the quiz by the end of the timer, the quiz will be immediately submitted for them.

Wondering how to use this new timed quiz feature? You’re in luck. Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen created a quick video tutorial …

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forms features

Microsoft Forms is the tool of choice when it comes to creating surveys for any audience and/or quizzes for students. There have been some recent updates that you will want to be familiar with, including home page improvements, new templates, a Word and PDF quiz converter, an increased response limit to 5 million, and more.

Teachers, you will likely find the quiz converter to be a nice improvement and time saver. I think we will all appreciate the new form templates as well.

Wondering how to use these new features? I thought as much. Therefore, I found this great video created …

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