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screen record appScreen Recording or Screen Casting are terms used to describe the act of rec​ording your computer screen and voice narration to create a video. This is great for recording instruction, turning presentations into videos or creating computer-based tutorials. Below are three tools that can be used for creating screen recorded videos.

PowerPoint Screen Recorder

Microsoft PowerPoint has a built-in screen recorder that is perfect for turning your presentations into narrated videos. Or you can create a screen recording of other content on your computer and have it dropped right into a PowerPoint slide. In addition, you can publish your video directly to Microsoft Stream so it is ready to share. Your screen recording length is only limited by the available space on your computer.

Stream Screen Recorder

Microsoft Stream also has a screen recorder for creating your video content. And as you may have guessed, it will publish your video directly to the Stream site. The maximum recording duration is 15 minutes. You can include your webcam and even include the system audio (for when you playback audio as part of your recording).


Screencast-O-matic is a third-party app that we recommend for creating recordings of up to 15 minutes under their free account. You can record your webcam at the same time and specify custom regions of the screen to record. However, you cannot record your system audio under the free account.

How to use Screencast-O-matic
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