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Reading Progress is a feature that is integrated into Class Teams assignments and provides an opportunity for students to practice and refine their reading fluency. Teachers can leverage Reading Progress to track students reading fluency and accuracy over time in support of student growth, goals and social emotional needs. Reading Progress is appropriate for Early Learners, English Learners, or any student looking to improve their reading fluency. 

Listen to What Fresno Unified Teachers are Saying…

reading progress video
Note: In an effort to protect student privacy, this video is only accessible to district staff.

My students have become better readers because they’re more aware of their own reading.

Errin Topolovec – Ayer Elementary

Because Reading Progress is taking care of fluency, we can use class time to focus on comprehension.

Idia Elegbede-Abode – Aynesworth Elementary

How does it work?

  • Students read a passage, while recording their voice and video (if desired)
  • The Reading Progress AI analyzes student reading fluency, looking for pronunciation, inserted words, omitted words, and repeated words
  • The Reading Coach then surfaces words for the student to further practice
  • The teacher receives data that includes an accuracy percentage and the identified words

Reading Progress Tutorials

Reading Progress Tutorial
  • Learn more about Reading Progress here
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