Published on March 9, 2023 by Brian Dvorak

Microsoft has made significant progress in the field of education and literacy with its immersive reader tool. This powerful tool helps students of all ages and skill levels to improve their reading, whether they have learning disabilities or simply need extra assistance with reading comprehension. Immersive reader has been integrated into many Microsoft products, including Word, OneNote, Outlook, Teams, Flipgrid, and Edge.

Since its initial launch, Microsoft has continued to improve and expand the immersive reader tool. In 2021, the company introduced a new feature in Teams Assignments called Reading Progress, which is designed to help teachers track their students’ reading progress and identify areas where they may need additional support. This additional support comes in the form of Reading Coach, which is a virtual coach that provides extra practice on words that are flagged during a Reading Progress recording.

Microsoft is now making Reading Coach available within the Immersive Reader tool, so that students can now read and practice identified words without having to wait for a Reading Progress assignment within Class Teams. Wondering how Reading Coach works within Immersive Reader? I thought you might ask, so I found another great tutorial from Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen. Check it out below.

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