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Published on October 20, 2023 by Brian Dvorak

As you may know, all classroom have now received their Promethean ActivPanel interactive display, which has been provided by the district to ensure baseline, standard display technology. These panels can be used to display computer content, draw with digital ink, and interact with websites and software. In addition to interacting with computer content, Promethean provides additional tools that overlay what is being displayed, including a timer, spinner, annotator, whiteboard canvas, and more.

In order to support the use of the Promethean ActivPanel to it’s full capacity, the EdTech team has created a support page full of tutorials and documentation to help everyone on-demand. Additionally, teachers and staff can reach out to our four Promethean Education Consultants at anytime to ask questions and schedule live, in-person support. Visit the Promethean support page today at go/promethean or click directly in now at the image below.


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