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Published on December 17, 2021 by Brian Dvorak

You may have noticed some new updates to our district Nearpod license. If you have not yet seen these, read on. Below is a list of the new features we now have access to in Nearpod. The highlights include the ability to annotate live on-the-fly, live student-paced mode, and co-teaching. And coming soon in early 2022, we will have enhancement to the collaborate board activity. Take a look at the videos below to see these in more detail.

Live Annotation during a Live Lesson

With Live Annotation, you can address misconceptions or model skills for students and write directly on slides and sync immediately to student devices.

Live to Student-Paced Mode

Teachers have greater flexibility to differentiate for student needs and meet them where they’re at by toggling between Live Participation and Student-Paced in any lesson.


Strengthen instructional consistency and collaboration by allowing more than one teacher to lead and control the pace of a lesson. All teachers will be able to see student responses to formative assessment in real time.

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