nearpod logoNearpod​ is a presentation tool that infuses interactivity to create active learners. Teachers can upload existing presentations, such as PowerPoints, or build their own presentations within Nearpod. Nearpod integrates into Microsoft Teams seamlessly and presentations can be accessed by code or Office 365 login.

Our District License is Sunsetting. What you need to know:

The district license for Nearpod will sunset at the end of June, 2024. This article details what happens if a teacher moves from a district license to a silver/individual license regarding storage, features, etc. Teachers can keep using their Nearpod account associated with their district email, it will just automatically switch to Silver on July 1, 2024. If teachers want to use a personal email instead and have accounts/lessons merged, they will need to email the Nearpod support team with both email addresses: (They’d want to email after July 1.)

If a teacher moves to a school license – regardless of date – all lessons will transfer. (As long as they have the same email address.)

If a teacher wants to download a lesson, they can export as a pdf. Here are the steps.

Premium activities will transfer to the school licenses, but not to the silver licenses. (For example, Drag & Drop.)

Bring Nearpod to your school:

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