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Published on October 27, 2023 by Brian Dvorak

Minecraft Education is more than just a game; it’s a groundbreaking educational tool that blends entertainment with learning. By crafting their virtual worlds and narratives, students develop valuable problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and creativity. And now, Microsoft has announced the addition of new content focused on teaching digital safety and information literacy.

Cyber and Digital Safety:

In today’s interconnected world, cyber safety is non-negotiable. Teachers can now empower students to be safe online with lessons in cybersecurity, online safety, and digital citizenship aligned to Cyber.org and CSTA standards. You will find a full curriculum progression that includes career pathways. Teachers will find that integrating cyber safety is easy, no matter what you teach! Learn more.


In a world with so much information, how do you know what to trust? And when you don’t know whether information is trustworthy, how can you take meaningful action? In an effort to help young people build the skills they need to navigate challenging information environments, Minecraft Education, Microsoft’s Technology for Fundamental Rights team, and leading media and information literacy experts from the Digital Inquiry Group have partnered to create a new Minecraft Education world. The Investigators takes K–12 students on a journalistic quest that requires them to evaluate the information they receive critically. Learn More.

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