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teams logoTeams provides a one stop shop for collaboration. Groups of people can begin conversations with various communication tools and work collaboratively on a common goal. Teams integrates Office 365 tools such as OneDrive, OneNote, Forms and more. Teachers and students can also utilize a Class Team to engage in learning activities in a shared digital space, including assignments, conversations, assessments, and more. Class Teams are generated at the beginning of each school year through the School Data Sync process that includes the teacher of record and the student roster.

Teams Foundations (All Staff)

Microsoft Teams Overview

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Breakout Rooms During a Teams Meeting

Guest Accounts in Microsoft Teams

Click here for more details on Guest Accounts.

Microsoft Teams Live Events

Use live events for larger online webinars with all student body or large community events greater than 1,000 people.

Sync Teams Files to Your Desktop

Microsoft Teams Tutorial Menu

Teams in the Classroom (Teachers)

Class Teams Nuts and Bolts

Interacting in a Class Team

Assignments in a Class Team

Class Team Meetings for Distance Learning

OneNote Class Notebook

More Class Teams Tutorials from Microsoft

Take the Microsoft Teams online training and earn your badge at the Microsoft Educator Center

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