Published on December 1, 2022 by Brian Dvorak

We are excited to introduce the new EPSON ELPDC13 document camera! It sports a rectangular base that take up less space on your desktop, an arm that articulates at three joints, and includes a rotatable head. In addition, you will find the usual features of a document camera, such as an LED light, auto-focus, zoom, capture, and more.

Another improvement is the Visualizer software that will be used with the Epson document camera, which can be installed right from the Software Center app. Our tests have shown that Visualizer is much more stable and more feature-rich than previous document camera applications we have used.

Right now, these new document cameras are being delivered to all FUSD elementary classrooms as part of the new baseline technology standard and will eventually be rolled out to middle and high schools. Below is a new unboxing video that shows how to setup the document camera, install the software, and get started.

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