Published on August 11, 2023 by Brian Dvorak

Over the summer, Microsoft announced the addition of Classwork for all Class Teams. Classwork is a new feature in Class Teams that allows teachers to create and organize class resources, including Assignments, web links, files, OneNote Class Notebook pages, and Teams channels. It’s like building out a module or unit of study that contains multiple resources and student tasks. You could also use it to create a choice board of tasks to personalize the learning. With Classwork, you can curate a view of content and resources that will help your students navigate the tasks and see everything in one place. 

Wondering how to use Classwork? You’re in luck! We found a fantastic video created by Microsoft’s own Mike Tholfsen. Check it out below, and to learn more about Classwork, check out Microsoft’s new training module and video on Microsoft Learn.

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