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Microsoft Stream is the YouTube of our organization. We can upload videos onto Stream and share them with colleagues, students, or the whole organization. We also appreciate the ability to create screen recordings right on the Stream website. It’s been a great ride and it will continue, but we wanted to let you know that the interface is changing due to the migration of the Stream videos over to SharePoint. With this move, you will notice that the process of sharing your videos is exactly the same as sharing a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file.

You may not be seeing …

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…but it’s still the same awesome video response tool. You may have noticed that Flipgrid has been rebranded as Flip, but we wanted you to know that nothing has changed in terms of our access and it’s functionality. We can continue using our Office 365 accounts to login and make use of all the great features that Flip has to offer.

The story behind Flipgrid/Flip is an inspiring one, so we wanted to share a short video on it’s background. Flipgrid was created by Charlie Miller, who was teaching in higher ed at the time and wanted a way for students …

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assignment features

The Class Teams Assignment builder just got an upgrade. What’s new you ask? You can now use video recording and whiteboard as platforms for students to submit work. And, you can now have the assignments post to your students’ calendars. The video recording aspect runs on the Stream platform and can be used by the students to record themselves explaining their work or responding to a prompt. In addition, the teacher can use it to record themselves explaining the task or new concepts for the students.

The whiteboard feature utilizes Microsoft Whiteboard, which we have seen as a stand-alone app …

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Stream Playlist

Video playlists are great for organizing lists of videos. This greatly helps your audience, such as students, to watch your list of related videos in a pre-defined order. Microsoft Stream provides the ability to create “Channels” that can how your list of videos. You can then share a single link to your channel (playlist of videos). In addition, you can now embed your channel into any Microsoft Team. The video below created by our own EdTech Evangelist, provides a detailed look at how to create a channel, add your videos, and embed your channel into a Microsoft Team.

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screen record snip

Screen Recording is great for making video tutorials and instructional videos for colleagues or students. Microsoft Stream is an app within Office 365 that is similar to YouTube. It provides a platform to upload and share videos to users in the organization or share to specific users privately. It can also be used to create screen recordings and stores Microsoft Teams meeting recordings. This app should only be used to share video within our organization – the videos cannot be shared publicly.

The video below goes into detail on how to create a screen recording with the Microsoft Stream app on …

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