The FUSD Student Technology Scope and Sequence acts as a roadmap for teachers to cover essential tech skills in a structured way, aiding lesson planning and tracking student progress. For students, it provides a clear path to gradually develop and master technology skills, fostering confidence and adaptability in using tech for learning and beyond. 

This year, members of CIPL and IT began a process to update the current FUSD Technology Scope and Sequence, which was originally adopted back in 2014. As you know, technology is constantly evolving, and we want to ensure that our students are well-prepared for each grade level and the #AsYetImagined future. 

As part …

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aggregated reactions

Are you a fan of the Microsoft Whiteboard app? It’s great to use in the classroom for whole group instruction and collaboration and student to student collaboration. You and your work team can also use it to plan and collaborate during meetings or asynchronously. The Whiteboard app has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception just a few years ago. And now we have yet another set of new features to enjoy.

These new features include aggregated reactions on your sticky notes, drag and drop images from the desktop, lock any object on the canvas, zoom control improvement, and …

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office 365 home

Are you trying to make sense of the Office 365 home page? Are you scratching your head trying to find your OneDrive? Well, you’re not alone. Yes, the Office 365 landing page at office.com has gone through some changes. It’s kind of like coming home from a weekend vacation to discover that someone has rearranged all the furniture. But hey, we’ve got good news – our very own EdTech Evangelist has created a quick video that explains the new layout and how it can help you in your day-to-day work. You will also discover where that darn OneDrive link went …

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live annotation

You may have noticed some new updates to our district Nearpod license. If you have not yet seen these, read on. Below is a list of the new features we now have access to in Nearpod. The highlights include the ability to annotate live on-the-fly, live student-paced mode, and co-teaching. And coming soon in early 2022, we will have enhancement to the collaborate board activity. Take a look at the videos below to see these in more detail.

Live Annotation during a Live Lesson

With Live Annotation, you can address misconceptions or model skills for students and write directly on slides and …

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The Microsoft Edge browser, formerly known as Internet Explorer, has received multiple new features that you may not be aware of just yet. Some of the highlights include vertical tabs, web capture, collections, read aloud, and more. Although Google Chrome tends to get the most love, it is time to turn our focus over to Microsoft Edge and discover some new magic. In the video below, our very own EdTech Evangelist outlines these great Edge features and demonstrates how they work. Watch it now below…

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