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Published on February 11, 2022 by Brian Dvorak

Have you been hearing the term Blended Learning more and more lately? Are you wondering exactly how it works or how to implement this type of pedagogical strategy? Well, keep on reading, because this is post will knock your socks off.

The term Blended Learning refers to the practice of blending both face-to-face and digital instruction. Within our district Personalized Learning Initiative, we have been supporting teachers in blending the use of analog (paper, pencil) and digital tools across whole-group, targeted small-group, independent, and collaborative settings. One of the key benefits of Blended Learning is that it allows teachers to move into more of a facilitator role and free them up to provide more individualized/personalized support. While there are a variety of blended learning models developed in this area, we have found that the two most suitable models for our system include the Rotation and Flex models. The video below provides a detailed look at these two models.

blended learning
Due to student privacy policies, the above video is only accessible to users with district accounts.

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