Published on March 22, 2024 by Brian Dvorak

If you follow this blog, you are probably aware of Microsoft Copilot, an AI tool available to all staff. In today’s post, I would like to share Magic School, a great tool specifically designed to help teachers get started with generative AI. What I like about Magic School is the variety of use cases it provides to support teacher planning and how it guides us through writing good prompts.

For example, you can find specific generators for creating comprehension questions based on a video or text. You can also generate rubrics, sentence starters, parent emails, group projects, ice-breakers, and more. My favorite generators include the music maker and the teacher jokes. 🤓

Wondering how to get started with this tool? We thought you might ask, so we recruited the EdTech Evangelist himself, aka Brian Sensei, to make a quick video tutorial. Check it out below.

IMPORTANT: Never put sensitive information about yourself or your students into AI tools!

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